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CT's Most Important Candidate

Updated: Oct 12, 2020


Here's Why

In all three areas, residents will glimpse a challenger to Mr. Ritter. Mark Stewart Greenstein, a 56 year old Caucasian educator and businessman, is very at ease in the Black and Brown neighborhoods of the north and south. He was born in the West End, to a mom who grew up in the North End when it was nearly ¼ Jewish, who would bring him to the Park Street bakeries of the South End every other week as a boy. Mr. Greenstein spent his elementary school years in West Hartford, and his high school years at Windsor’s Loomis Chaffee school. It was because of the schools, he says, that “nobody stayed in Hartford then”.

Today, Mark Stewart Greenstein is Hartford’s biggest champion for dramatically improved schools. And he receives the biggest welcome among African Americans in the North. “Bad schools start a cycle of dependency”, he says. “Blacks in Hartford know this all too well, but from government they can’t get meaningful change to their schools”.

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CTs most important Candidate
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